Legacy of Kain : Blood Omen 2 Crack  400 years have passed since Vampire Kain destroyed the world in the original Omen blood, choosing to rule the world in judgment rather than death for her life. Now Kain, who once owned the land of Nosgoth with his ants, discovers that his brothers are murdered and the power of darkness dominates him by something strange. In order to receive his rule and take revenge, Kain must send patriotic soldiers and order the factions to open a battlefield that threatens the land he wants to conquer.

Legacy of Kain : Blood Omen 2 Torrent Blood of Omen 2, the second installment in The Kain Theory, is the third 3D game / adventure you take on the Kain vampire. The compelling story takes you through the 3D environment and challenges your combat experience, solving,