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Gray Skies, Dark Waters Crack What does it mean to be truly lost without a trace? In modern translations from the myths of the centuries, questions that seventeen-year-old Lina Garrett had to think about after her mother disappeared. Take Lina for a thought in her small Chesapeake Bay small town on the Avett site to solve the mystery of her lost mother and explore what it means to be part of a family – even in trouble.For Once, an indie game I unreservedly consider a hidden gem. In a word, powerful: says more than it shows. The influence of literature is clear and it has that quality; The design and music are also lovely. Production can be amateur (not that I care) and I only complete it once (has multiple endings) but to any tolerant indie fan this gets a resounding recommendation.As we grow up and connect with our family and friends we can’t see a version. of ourselves not meeting and knowing them. If you, for any reason, fall away from each other it will be hard but you still hold that growth and memories. You still know what was going on before you two fell apart and assumed they were still living their lives. When they die it is worse but you know that with all your grief they don’t have to deal with their hardships anymore. But what do they mysteriously disappear? Still leaving traces of their existence but not what happened to them, why they disappeared and this can plague you. When even the police are baffled, what can you do other than try and find out yourself.

Gray Skies, Dark Waters Torrent You play as Lina Garret during her one-year anniversary of her mother, Vivian, disappearance. Knowing that before this, all seemed fine and happy so why suddenly left. In need of answers, Lina ventures out and tries to piece together the little information available to figure it out. Not just for herself, but for her father, Robert, and her siblings Violet, Gus, and Merle. Going into the Life is Strange, Gone Home the inspiration of finding out the story through others and by objects around the world.

You mostly go through the motions as Lina’s thoughts are available to listen to for more information about her family surfaces. There are great moments here and there, one of my favorites being right at the start, and having great writing definitely helps. While they do give you information, you get to piece together how each family member is, with their possessions and when we meet them, and how they dealt with the loss of Vivian. As not everyone is in the same place, and you do need to venture out sometime, you are given tasks to do. Whether it’s something your family asked or something Lina wants to do, some are necessary with a few not. With a little over two hours you would spend in this universe, they did a good job of making all the characters stand out from one another.

There are scattered choices around the dialogue, mostly leading to a new line added and that specific family member has a different opinion of you. Not sure that these early choices do matter other than how the family members think of you now, but the last few choices do matter a lot. There is a task where you had to find your father’s phone and return it, and while it looks like you need to get some information you might have gotten, you can totally hold onto it and accidentally trigger the ending if you don’t talk to. him before a certain task. I can almost imagine Lina forgetting that she had the phone the whole time and her father giving in and buying a new one. There are other choices in whether or not you want to talk about certain things and this is driven by how curious you are. With a lot of speculation you’ll probably have, as even the game will question you on it for Lina to believe, curiosity certainly holds this game together. Considering that there are three endings you can get, with possible alternates to all of them.

The art is absolutely amazing. The backgrounds and environment are all hand drawn resembling paintings. Each area has its own personality added in showing that real people live in the house and live in the town Lina resides in. Expertly making the 2d environment look 3d and their hard work paid of. The only downside is the character models that inhabit this area. It certainly was a risk that didn’t pay off so much. The models seem really awkward as they try to look like they are sitting on that totally not drawn couch and could have used more animation to make them not as stiff. This makes me wish that either everything was hand drawn, the style was changed to make the models fit in more, or that everything was modeled.

Now while voice acting is good, the quality of the sound is not. Varying in quality between dialogues as you can tell which

Gray Skies, Dark Waters drops you into a world of secrets, unanswered questions, and (just maybe) the supernatural. Search to reveal the truth—or, at least, your version of it.
What does it mean to truly disappear without a trace? In this modern interpretation of centuries-old folklore, that’s the question that seventeen-year-old Lina Garrett has to consider after her mother vanishes. Take Lina on a thought-provoking journey through her small Chesapeake Bay town of Avett’s Landing to unravel the mystery of her mother’s disappearance and explore what it means to be part of a family – even a troubled one.
Fans of story-based games like The Path, Life is Strange, and To the Moon will love this story-driven adventure game in which your continuous choices decide the future of the Garrett family

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