– Release Name : World.to.the.West-GOG (v1.0.1-2)

– Format : exe

– Platform : PC

– Language : English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Dutch, Arabic, Simplified Chinese

– Files Size : 1 x 954 MB

– Total size 0.95 GB

– Hosts : Mega, Uptobox, Uploaded, Turbobit, Userscloud

– System Requirements : MINIMUM:

OS: Windows 7 (64 bit only)
Processor: Core i3
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4400

World to the West Crack The world feels so rich! No matter where you go, it feels in place. You can go from a very cheerful, bright section to a dark gloomy dungeon, and it feels natural. It’s wonderfully crafted, each screen being unique, it entices you to adventure and explore as you go through the game. The level design is fantastic. General travel is simple, and each screen offers small challenges or puzzles to achieve upgrades and money. Every dungeon introduces you to a new mechanic, challenging the way you think. I’ve had a few moments already where I began to feel a little lost, but realized that I was just forgetting one of the mechanics that was available to me. I’ve never felt like I couldn’t complete or accomplish something.

The characters are incredibly charming, every one of them. I’ve laughed countless times reading their dialogue, and they’re all incredibly unique. As I played further into the game, and began to know the characters more, I’ve loved every single one. The design is really great, very enjoyable, and makes you interested to learn more about them.

World to the West Torrent The music in this game is INCREDIBLE! As soon as I launched it, a big smile appeared on my face and I began bobbing my head. As I progressed, I was constantly surprised at just how fitting the music was in each area. How lovely it sounded, how catchy it was, and how my desire to own the OST continued to grow. It’s very well designed and it’s pleasant to listen to (Even over and over if you’re on a screen or in a town / dungeon for a while). It really enriches the world.

The gameplay itself is rather intuitive. Controls feel fluid and natural, they’re very easy to learn, and even easier to implement. Rain Games did an excellent job ensuring that anyone could pick up the game, and feel like they know how to play it….

World to the West is an action adventure game developed by Rain Games. It builds upon the universe of indie hit Teslagrad, which has been played by over 1.6 million people so far.
World to the West is a pulpy, cartoony top down action adventure inspired by European adventure comics. Take control of four unique characters —Lumina the Teslamancer, Knaus the orphan, Miss Teri the mind bender and the gloriously mustachioed strongman, Lord Clonington—, each with their their own motivations, skills and interweaving storylines, as they seek to escape the dark shadow of an ancient prophecy. Travel trough corrupt colonies, lush jungles and frozen tundras, as you snoop through the secrets of a forgotten civilization.
Be careful though. Nothing is ever what it seems. Will you join us in this journey to the West?

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