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OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 10
Processor: Intel core i5 2557M
Graphics: GeForce GT440 or HD5570
DirectX: Version 9.0c

Shio Crack The cat and rat were very poor at swimming, but they were both quite intelligent. They decided that the best and fastest way to cross the river was to jump on the back of the ox. The ox, who was kind-hearted and naive, agreed to bring them both over. As the ox was about to reach the other side of the river, the rat squeezed the water and then jumped from the ox and rushed to the Jade Emperor. It was named the first animal in the zodiac calendar. The bull had to settle elsewhere.
The third one to come was Tiger. Although strong and powerful, it explained to the Jade Emperor that currents drove him downstream.
Suddenly, in the distance, a thumping sound came and the rabbit came. It explained how it crossed the river: by jumping from one rock to another, in a quick way. Halfway through, it almost lost the race, but it was lucky to grab a floating log that later washed him ashore. Because it became the fourth animal in the zodiac cycle.
In fifth place was the flying dragon. The Jade Emperor wondered why such a fast airborne creature that the dragon didn’t come in first. The dragon explained that it had to stop at a village and brought rain for all people, and therefore it held back. Then, on the way to the finish, the helpless rabbit looked clinging to a log, so it did a good deed and gave a breath to the poor creature so that it could land on the beach. The Jade Emperor was surprised by the good nature of the dragon, and it was called the Fifth Beast.
As soon as it had done, a galloping sound was heard, and the horse appeared. Hidden on the horse’s hoof was the snake, whose sudden appearance gave it a fear, causing it to fall back and give the snake the sixth place while the horse placed seventh.
Shio Torrent After a while, the goat, the monkey and the rooster came to the heavenly gate. With combined efforts they managed to reach the other side. The rooster found a float and the monkey and the goat pulled and pulled, trying to get all the weeds out of the way. The Jade Emperor was pleased with his teamwork and decided to name the goat as the eighth animal followed by the monkey and then rooster

“Shio” isn’t a typical platform jumping game, floating lanterns aren’t just a decoration, it’s a tool that you can use them to explore the world of “Shio”. In the game players will see hundreds of lanterns, don’t let simple lantern fool you, it is just seeming easy to jump on them. If you are big fan of Super Meat Boy, you will like Shio as well!
Who is this man under that mask? What he is doing there?  Is he looking for something? Many questions, but only one way to find an answers. Don’t blindly follow lanterns, try to find hidden rooms, and if you succeed, you will learn more about man under the mask

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