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Inner Voices Crack An inner discourse, or internal discourse, is a constructive act of the human mind and a tool for discovering new knowledge and making decisions. Along with feelings such as joy, anger, fear, etc., and sensory awareness, it is one of the few aspects of the processing of information and other mental activities of which humans can be directly aware. Inner discourse is so prominent in the human awareness of mental functioning that it often seems synonymous with “mind”. The view then is that “mind” means “what one experiences when thinking things out”, and that “thinking things out” is believed to consist only of the words heard in internal discourse. This common sense idea of ​​the mind must either block the fact that the mind is constantly processing all kinds of information below the level of awareness, or else rename that activity to some putatively “non-mental” status such as “reflex reaction” or even, sometimes, “demon possession.”

An inner discourse takes place much as would a discussion with a second person. One might think, “I need $ 27 for the paper boy. I have some cash in my wallet. Ten plus ten plus five … I have $ 25. Maybe I dropped coins in the sofa. Ah, here they are …” The ideal form of inner discourse would seem to be one that starts with statements about matters of fact and proceeds with logical rigor until a solution is achieved.

Inner Voices  Torrent On this view of thinking, progress towards better thinking is made when one learns how to evaluate how “statements of fact” are actually grounded, and when one learns how to avoid logical errors. But one must also take into account questions such as why one is seeking a solution (Why do I want to contribute money to this charity?) And why one may keep getting results that turn out to be biased in fairly consistent patterns (Why do I never give to charities that benefit a certain group?).

“So you’ve woken up John Blake… but where are you? Why have you ended up in what seems to be a purgatory? All your memories have faded out to darkness… what is left, is the voice leading you through this haunting realm.
Will you discover the mysteries of the past?
And do you really want to…?”
Inner Voices is a first person surreal, adventure game with horror and rogue-like elements, set in a realm inspired by H.P.Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos and the works of E.A.Poe and S.King.
You will gradually make your way through the story by solving puzzles with different level of complexity. Let the mysterious voice lead you through the secrets of John Blake’s life. Delve into the ever-changing maze filled with John’s dark past.
And remember… nothing is what it seems…

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