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Secret Doctrine Crack The first suggestion is that there is one basic, unconditional and indivisible truth, variously referred to as the “absolute”, “the unknown root”, “the one reality”, etc. It is without cause and eternal, and therefore unintelligible and indescribable: “It is a ‘miracle’ and not to be it.” [A] However, transient states of matter and consciousness are manifested in IT, at the level of the most delicate to the most dense, the final of which is the physical plane. [4] In this view, open existence is a “change of condition” [b] and therefore not the result of creation nor a random event.

Everything in the universe is informed by the potentials that exist in the “root of the unknown,” and is expressed in different degrees of life (or energy), consciousness, and purpose. [third]

The second suggestion is “the absolute universality of the same law of periodicity, of flux and reflux, tides.” Accordingly, open existence is an event that is constantly re-occurring in “Plain Without Borders”: “‘The playground of countless universes that are constantly manifesting and disappearing’, [7] each ‘stands for the effect in relation to its predecessor, and is a factor in relation to its successor’, [ 8] Do this over broad but definite periods of time. [D]

Secret Doctrine Torrent Related to the above is the third proposition: “The basic identity of all souls with a universal over-soul … and the obligatory pilgrimage to every soul – a spark of time – through the cycle of reincarnation (or ‘necessity’). In accordance with the periodic and karmic law, throughout the term.” Individual souls are seen as units of consciousness (monads) which are essential parts of the universal premise, as different sparks are parts of fire. These monads go through an evolutionary process in the first volume, Blavatsky details her interpretation of the origin and evolution of the universe itself, in terms derived from the Hindu conception of cyclic development. It is said that the world and everything in it alternates between active periods (manvantaras) and periods of passive (pralayas). Each Manwantra lasts for millions of years and consists of a number of yoga, according to Hindu cosmology.

Blavatsky tried to demonstrate that the discovery of “materialistic” science was to be expected in ancient wise writings and that materialism was proven wrong. Where consciousness unfolds and material develops. This development is not random, but is informed by intelligence and purpose. Evolution goes in clear ways in accordance with unchangeable laws, which are indistinguishable from the physical level. One such law is the periodic and periodic law; Another is the law of karma or cause and effect. [10]

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