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OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core2-Duo 2GHz or equivalent
Memory: 3 GB RAM
Graphics: NVidia GeForce GT430-1GB VRAM or equivalent
DirectX: Version 11

Voodoo Vince Remastered Crack In the opening sequence, Jeb and Fingers break into Madam Charmaine’s voodoo shop to steal her Zombie Dust. In their attempt, they accidentally release the forces of the Zombie Dust, causing chaos in the store. In the confusion, a stray piece of Zombie meets Dust Vince, who brings him to life. Madam Charmaine enters the room and tries to stop the ruckus, but is hit by a flying object and deliberately escaped. Jeb and Fingers then bind Madam Charmaine and take her and her Zombie Dust to her boss, Kosmo the Inscrutable. Already, the escaped Zombie Dust begins to bend, warning the reality of Jeb and Fingers’ less-than-cautious handling.

Back at the voodoo store, Vince is given life as a result of the power of the zombie dust. After a telepathic communication from Ms. Charmaine, Vince leaves her to save. Vince travels through the French Quarter of New Orleans, where he defeats a few enemies on his way, such as a sleepy “Piggy Bank of Doom” and Reggie and Primo, two troubled gas pumps. In the square, Bones McMurty, a skeleton jazz musician, tells Vince that he can find plenty of answers in a nearby museum, but that he will only leave him if Vince plays a song with him. After exploring some of the shops in the square and producing a trumpet, Vince performs a duet with the skeleton, which leaves him in the museum. Inside, the floating head of Kosmo causes a dinosaur skeleton named “The Bone Goliath” to come to life and attack Vince. Using his voodoo powers, Vince defeats the dinosaur and discovers a hidden tunnel under his feet.

Voodoo Vince Remastered  Torrent After falling through the tunnel, Vince finds himself in the underground town of Roachfort, where he meets Professor Ethel, a selfish turtle trying to make a balloon that will take her back to the surface. The professor sends Vince through Roachfort to collect supplies for the balloon, but when completed, the balloon fails to launch due to overweight. The professor chooses between her personal possessions and Vince and decides to throw Vince away. After defeating the “obligatory boss camp” (a two-headed cyclopean alligator named Janice), Vince finds a tank of helium, which he uses to inflate himself and rise to the surface.

Vince arrives in Crypt City, a massive cemetery full of zombies. After a second meeting with Bones McMurty, defeating some monsters, bringing some of the resident zombies to rest and destroying a massive statue brought to life by Kosmo, Vince travels to Brusque Manor. The Manor is home to Dolly, a seemingly cute short-tempered doll who tells Vince that Madam Charmaine has been taken to the Carnival DePrave. She offers to take Vince there, but demands that Vince defeat the monsters in the Manor. After he does, Dolly tells Vince that they will take a train. But it turns out that the train is just a big model track, at which point Vince complains about his bad luck and his dealings with crazy people. Dolly, feeling lively and with the help of Kosmo pulls the string behind her back, turns into a bigger and more terrible doll and goes on to attack Vince, destroying her toy town. Vince uses the model track to hurt himself, thereby destroying Dolly. Afterwards, he finds a passage from the Manor.

At the end of the passage is the Bayou, home of a “colorful local character” named Crawdad Jimmy. Crawford Jimmy also offers to take Vince to the Carnival DePrave, but asks him to pick up some ingredients for his gumbo (onion, sausage, crawfish). After Vince successfully collects the ingredients and wins a swamp boat game, Crawdad Jimmy discovers that he just had time to buy Kosmo, which released a hurricane named Hurricane Hannah to destroy Vince. With the help of some fans and a windmill, Vince manages to defeat the hurricane and makes his way to the Carnival DePrave.

The classic character platformer is back for the first time in over 13 years, and now in glorious high definition! Vince’s adventure takes him from the streets of New Orleans to the depths of a Louisiana bayou to find the whereabouts of his keeper, Madam Charmaine. In true voodoo style, Vince encounters and defeats quirky monsters and villains … by kicking his own butt! By racing under a falling safe, jumping into a high-speed blender, or leaping under falling rubble, Vince is sure to defeat his enemies—all while managing to escape completely unscathed.

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